News from the Ladybird Room – May 2024

by | May 3, 2024 | Ladybird Room, News From the Rooms

Planting Seeds

The children in Ladybird room have been busy planting climbing beans!

The children explored the soil, seeds and pots during play and then were taught how to plant a seed. We have watered them and left them to germinate in the dark.

Whilst our beans start growing, we will be learning about the process of how it grows. It takes seven to fourteen days for the seed to germinate.

Once germinated, the seed will produce a root and shoot; from there on, a stem and leaves will form. After creating its first set of leaves, the second set will grow.

Once the bean plant has produced an ideal number of leaves the bean will begin to flower. After the flowers of the bean have been pollinated, the pods will set, and you will start to see the beans grow.

Hopefully, we will have lots of magic beanstalks soon!

Below is a time-lapse video of how Green Beans grow, we hope our beans grow big and strong just like these ones!

We Founds Eggs!

Whilst looking for toys to play with in the garden, we found a crate filled with some of our outdoor toys.

To our surprise we found some bird eggs! The nest was sat comfortably next to our sand buckets. It was very exciting!

We noticed the mummy bird had spent a lot of time building a home for her eggs, all the sticks carefully put together to make sure the eggs are kept safe.

We are going to carefully watch them and wait to see what baby birds may hatch from them!

What do you think they could be?

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