Our Provision

Early Years Three Provision – Provision for our 3 and 4-year-old children

Our Early Years Three nursery classes are staffed by qualified teachers and highly skilled Early Years Practitioners. The adult ration is 1:13 and children are placed in key groups and are supported by familiar key adults in their rooms.

Across the rooms, we offer 15-hour sessions over two and a half days, and we also offer places for 30-hour sessions.

The nursery sessions are developed around a supportive daily routine, which includes opportunities for the children to work in a small group, plan their own learning, make independent choices about what they want to explore, review their learning, and experience stories, songs and rhymes.

Staff observe children closely, finding out what interests and motivates them. They then plan dynamic learning opportunities to extend and develop the children’s learning.

Our Early Years Three Rooms
Fox Room
Hedgehog Room

Under 3s Provision – provision for our 2-year-old children

We have two Under 3s rooms, which are both staffed by highly skilled Early Years Practitioners and led by an experienced Team Leader. In both rooms, the adult-to-child ratio is 1:4.

One room offers half-day places, and the second room offers full-day places.

All children are allocated key people in their room who will support them throughout their time in the Under 3s provision. We work hard to develop trusting and respectful relationships with all our children and their families.

Our Under 3s Rooms
Ladybird Room
Bumblebee Room

Throughout the centre, we have created a safe, stimulating working environment, both inside and outdoors, where we encourage the children to explore and experience new things, enabling them to grow in confidence and independence.

Outdoor learning is highly valued and available at all times.

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