Knowle West Nursery School’s New Website

by | Apr 17, 2024 | News

Our new, vibrant, and dynamic homepage showcases the latest news from Knowle West Nursery School.

Welcome to Knowle West Nursery School’s brand-new website! We’re thrilled to extend a warm invitation to parents, carers, and the local community to explore our digital home!

Our dedicated team has collaborated with Chaos Created to develop and design the new website. They’ve been working closely with us over the past couple of months to build a new site that’s welcoming, user-friendly, and truly encapsulates the spirit of our nursery school. You can discover the enriching experiences, activities, and boundless opportunities that Knowle West Nursery School provides.

We cherish every child’s individuality and the importance of listening to our parents. This new website is our commitment to fostering stronger connections with our families and the wider community. Chaos Created, who are Bristol-based, will be working closely with us to ensure our new site becomes a destination site for you to see all the incredible experiences your children are having and a hub for the latest news and useful information.

Our website developers will share a walkthrough video next week on our website and Facebook, showcasing the new features and functionality of our new site. But before that, let’s peek at some highlights:

Our new homepage – A dynamic homepage that constantly showcases the latest happenings and events at Knowle West Nursery School. It’s a visual feast of news and updates, all at your fingertips! Stay tuned for regular posts, announcements, and snapshots of our daily life!

Room by roomEach room boasts its own dedicated page. Here, you can catch up on the latest room-specific news, get acquainted with our devoted team, and access vital information. Dive into the heart of our nursery by visiting each room’s page and bookmarking your child’s special space.

Inclusivity and accessibility – Our website is a place for everyone. With real-time translation available via the language toggle (and more languages on the horizon), we’re breaking down barriers. The accessibility menu allows you to personalize the site’s appearance, ensuring comfort and ease for all users.

Events and important dates – Our dedicated News and Events section lets you stay informed about what’s coming up. Plus, finding term dates in our Key Information section is a breeze.

Mobile-responsive design – Whether on the go or at home, our website is optimized for every device, ensuring you’re always connected to Knowle West Nursery School.

We had a wonderful staff meeting this morning, where our team had the opportunity to explore the new site, and we even held a random draw to select a member of our team who had the huge responsibility of pushing the big red button and taking the website live! Well done, Zara!

We invite you to visit our new website and spread the word among your family and friends, and please do share your thoughts and feedback with us, as we grow and develop the website.

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