News from the Fox Room – April 2024

by | Apr 18, 2024 | Fox Room, News From the Rooms

Our Tadpoles!

The Children of Fox Room had noticed lots of frogspawn in our garden pond, so Nancy and Zara decided to have some in a tank indoors for the children, so they can watch the lifecycle of the tadpoles, turning into froglets and eventually into frogs!

The tadpoles have captured the imagination of the Fox Room and even children from the Hedgehog Room like to come and visit the tadpoles to check how they’re growing. We make sure to feed them every day, they really enjoy the cucumber we give them.

The children have even noticed some other little bugs living in with the tadpoles! We wonder what they could turn into!

Once our tadpoles have grown into frogs, we plan to release them back into our pond and watch them grow even more.

New Bird Boxes

Nancy’s father-in-law very kindly made and donated to us two wonderful bird boxes!

We are very excited for Jerry to put these up for us, and we cannot wait to see what kind of bird might make these their home.

We are always spotting different species of birds in the garden, what garden birds can you name?

Olly the Owl

We love Olly the Owl! Olly always help us chose some of our most favourite story books and songs. Our bookshelf has some really lovely books to choose from, so Olly’s picks are always a great one.

Reading and singing along with Olly is something the whole room really looks forward to.

If Olly the Owl could pick your favourite story, what would he read for us?

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