News from the Ladybird Room – April 2024

by | Apr 29, 2024 | Ladybird Room, News From the Rooms

Large Scale Mark Making

We love to doodle in the Ladybird room!

Having a large sheet of paper on the floor gave us the chance to really practice our mark making skills. We drew all sorts of pictures, we drew smiley faces, around our hands and our friends’ hands and experimented with a variety of different mark making tools, like crayons, felt tips and chalks to produce different images, lines, and doodles.

Our Ladybirds have shown some amazing pen control and produced a wonderful piece of artwork.

Making Potions

Making potions is such a great sensory experience for our Ladybirds. We have been mixing potion ingredients together such as glue, flour, and water. The more glue or water we added the squishier and stickier our potion became.

If we added more flour, our potions would feel more like a playdough texture. Which we could mould into fun and interesting shapes.

We would carefully measure out our potion ingredients and then get to use our hands to mix them all together, we really enjoyed playing with the sticky and squashy textures we created.

Making Healthy Pizzas

Healthy snacks always taste better when you get to make them yourselves! And our healthy pizzas were delicious!

We carefully rolled out a small circle of pizza dough and then had a selection of tasty, healthy toppings to go on top.

We had tomato sauce, cheese, green beans, sweetcorn, and a selection of other yummy vegetables! They were cooked up for us for snack time and we really enjoyed eating them.

What do you like on your pizza?

Measuring Our Height

How quickly do we grow?

Our Ladybirds really loved our homemade Height Chart, they took it in turns to stand in front of it and our friend would use crayon and mark how tall we are.

Do you think we get taller everyday?

We even measured the height of the baby dolls of the room. They’re not very tall though!

Construction Towers

Stacking blocks takes a lot of patience and concentration, something our Ladybirds are very good at.

Carefully balancing different shaped blocks on top of eachother, seeing how high we can make it without it wobbling or falling over. If it did fall over we can build a new tower in a different way using other wooden blocks or Lego pieces we hadn’t used in the first build to create a whole new structure.

If our build was wobbly, it was exciting to see if it would fall down!

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