News from the Hedgehog Room – May 2024

by | May 3, 2024 | Hedgehog Room, News From the Rooms

Exploring Our Garden

Our Hedgehogs absolutely love exploring their outside space, there is so much out in the garden that captures our imagination!

The sand is always a class favourite. The Hedgehogs really enjoy building sandcastles from our selection of buckets. Or we dig and build giant hills to create a home for our toy dinosaurs! Using sticks and bits of trees from the garden to really make the dinosaurs feel comfortable in their new home.

The garden is a huge social space for our Hedgehogs to, they can often be seen chatting away to each other and our wonderful room team, playing games, and exploring parts of the garden together.

Making Kites

We really enjoyed making our own kites! The children were given a sheet of plain white paper and given the opportunity the be creative as possible. They decorated their kites with various mark making tools such as, chalks, pens, and pencils.

The children drew up some beautiful kites.

After they had finished drawing, we attached them to string and went into the garden to fly them.

“If I run faster, my kite flies higher!”

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are such a sensory experience, being able to get hands on with art tools and be super creative.

Painting, drawing, and cutting helps in developing fine motor skills and the therapeutic nature of arts and crafts can be a calming experience for children, helping them relax and reduce feelings of stress or anxiety.

Water Play

Who doesn’t love playing with water?

The more we splash the water, the more bubbles we can make!

If we hold this bowl up really high, listen to how much noise it makes when splashes down into the water tub. We can fill up all sorts of containers such as, bottles and bowls.

We found out the colander doesn’t fill up very well, but it is really good at a being held up high. The water comes out from so many holes!

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