News from the Bumblebee Room – May 2024

by | May 6, 2024 | Bumblebee Room, News From the Rooms

Sensory Play

The children in Bumblebee Room have been getting hands on with a variety of amazing sensory themed activities.

Flour is a great tool for sensory exploration, it starts off dry and dusty, when water is added it becomes sticky and gloopy. It is really fun to squash and squeeze!

They have also been playing with noodles. They are soft and slimy and sometimes slip away out of our hands.

We’ve been using a selection of toys and tools with our sensory play to, such as cups, spoons, and bottles. To fill, pour and squish all the different textures.

Exploring the Garden

Outdoor play is a daily activity for the Bumblebee children. Each time we go outside, there’s always something exciting to do!

We love playing on the climbing frame and going down the slide with all our friends.

One of our favourite things to do is role balls of all shapes and sizes down the piece of drainpipe and hope it lands in the bucket at the end. Watching it speed down is very exciting.

If it goes too speedy there’s a chance it might bounce off the end and miss the bucket!

The building blocks are also a great way to help us develop our motor skills. Carefully balancing different shaped blocks higher and higher or in interesting ways to see what fun shapes and towers we can create.

There Were Three in a Bed Nursery Rhyme

The children in Bumblebee Room love nursery rhymes! Here’s a lovely short video of them singing along to There Were Three in the Bed, and acting out the words by rolling down the hill in our garden.

Three Little Pig Houses

We’ve been reading The Three Little Pigs in the Bumblebee Room and the children got to show off their amazing creative skills by making their own houses for the three little pigs.

They showed amazing cutting out skills for the paper to decorate their houses and carefully used the glue sticks to stick straw to their models.

We hope the three little pigs loved our houses!

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