Knowle West Nursery School Achieves Prestigious TISUK Award

by | May 9, 2024 | News

We are thrilled to share that Knowle West Nursery School has been awarded the Trauma and Mental Health Informed School Award by Trauma Informed Schools UK (TISUK). This recognition marks Knowle West as the first early years setting and nursery school in the country to receive this status, highlighting our commitment to trauma-informed practices.

In 2020, we began our association with Trauma Informed Schools UK (TISUK) and accessed a range of training opportunities to develop our understanding of trauma-informed practice. We now have three qualified Trauma-Informed Practitioners working in our school: Helen Hogg, George Wilcox, and Rachel Stoyell. Our Head Teacher, Jenny McDonald, has completed the Senior Leaders training, and the whole staff team has also completed Trauma Informed Schools training.

The external assessment from a TISUK consultant praised Knowle West Nursery School as a “beacon of excellent trauma-informed practice.” The school’s efforts are described as transformational, healing intergenerational trauma and fostering a community where compassion and care thrive.

The award acknowledges the skills and expertise of the entire staff team and their dedication to supporting the well-being and behaviour of children by acknowledging their feelings, needs, and experiences and building strong, authentic relationships with them and their families.

For more information on Knowle West Nursery School’s trauma-informed approach please click here.

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