More News from the Fox Room – May 2024

by | May 28, 2024 | Fox Room, News From the Rooms

Building with Cogs and Gears

The cogs and gears in the Fox Room have been very popular recently. The children have enjoyed putting them together in lots of different and interesting way. Standing up tall in a tower shape or building them flat on the table.

Each build was carefully constructed and very well put together!

When one cog turned, the whole build would start spinning.

The children commented on them spinning and all the colours then can see.

Our Favourite Books

The two books we have been enjoying this term are The Enormous Turnip, and Little Rabbit Foo Foo.

The children have loved joining in with these two books, especially the part where Little Rabbit Foo Foo gets turned into a Goonie!

Ask your child if they know the story! And if they do see if they’ll tell you the story from the books.

Enjoying the Summer Sunshine

All the wonderful sunshine means even more garden time!

As it has been rather hot, we have made sure to stay extra safe by playing in the shady bits of the garden. We are so lucky to have so many amazing trees in the garden to provide us with lots of lovely shade.

Water play is always a super fun activity. The children love splashing the water, creating bubbles and squashing and popping them in their hands.

Filling up a variety of things such as, bottles, pans and kettles and the pouring it out to create even more bubbles and splashes!

The children absolutely love riding their bikes and scoots around the garden and it seemed like a good time to give them a good wash from all the mud they’ve zoomed through.

Each child had a bucket of warm soapy water, and with some sponges they cleaned up the scooters and bikes.

They all look brand new!

I wonder how long they’ll stay clean, what do you think?

Building with Our Wooden Blocks

Wooden block play is a great activity to help the children with refining their motor skills.

Carefully balancing different shaped blocks to on top of each other to make all sorts of buildings and towers takes patience, creativity, and perseverance.

The wooden blocks always capture the imagination of the children when they start building.

Bug Hunting in the Garden

Finding a bug in the garden is always intriguing. Is it one we’ve found before, or is it a new one?

The children are always very respectful of the bugs they find, never disturbing the bugs but observing and discussing what the bug looks like, where does it live, and can it fly?

What bugs do you often find in your garden at home?

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