More News from the Hedgehog Room – May 2024

by | May 30, 2024 | Hedgehog Room, News From the Rooms

Out in the Garden

All the wonderful sunshine means even more time to explore the gardens and enjoy the incredible space we have here.

As it has been rather hot, we have made sure to stay extra safe by playing in the shady bits of the garden. We are so lucky to have so many amazing trees in the garden to provide us with lots of lovely shade.

We’ve been doing a variety of fun and exciting things in the garden from climbing the trees to sat drawing and reading our favourite books.

Shadow Art

The sunshine has also given us the opportunity to go out into the garden and use some chalk to draw around the shadows that we cast on the floor.

We used the chalk to draw around the shadows while standing and some lying down to create different pictures.

The shadows we drew looked just like us and our friends!

Making Music

Making music gives the children a chance to be hugely creative. Playing on various instruments to see which one makes the best noise or the loudest noise.

Playing together with our friends would create a symphony of wonderful music. With a lovely range of high notes and low notes that we made from all the different sized xylophone bars.

Sand Play

With the weather being so lovely, the sand in the garden almost feels like a little beach!

We take off our shoes, feel the sand between our toes and build sandcastles, dig trenches, and enjoy being outside with our friends.

Do you like going to the beach on a sunny day?

Riding our Bikes and Scooters

As well as drawing our shadows with chalk, we also drew a one-way wobbly road on the playground.

We used this road to cycle and scoot around it, doing our very best to stay between the lines and keep up with our friends.

Taking it in turns on bikes and scooters to test out the road in a different way, to see which of the two was more fun to drive around on.

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