News from the Fox Room – June 2024

by | Jun 10, 2024 | Fox Room, News From the Rooms

Fox’s Trike School

The children in Fox room have been learning how to safely ride their trikes and scooters. Making sure to slow down for the corners on our wobbly chalk road, and making sure they are steered carefully using the handlebars being careful not to bump into friends.

The children really love going around the wobbly road in the sunshine.

Making Compost

Whenever we have a snack that involves fruit we save the banana peels, apple cores, and orange peel to put in our compost bin.

We are using this compost to create new soil to help us grow more seeds in!

We’ve planted lots of seeds recently and those seeds that are growing are being grown in our home-made compost.

Moving Cogs!

The children in Fox Room really enjoy playing with the cogs!

This time they made a collection of twenty-seven different coloured cogs all move at the same time! Watching all the colours spin and turn, by only turning the first cog, gave smiles all round!

Sand Play

Playing in the sand can offer so many different activities for the children to get involved with.

It could be sandcastle making, digging trenches and holes, building big hills and mounds, or finding fun and interesting ways of moving the sand.

This time the children decided to use a piece of pipe to rolls balls down into the sand, they realised if they build a ramp at the bottom of the pipe, the balls will fly down the pipe and do a little jump off the sand hill.

Puzzles and Dinosaurs

There’s always a hive of activity in the Fox Room, and the opportunity to be really creative.

Some of the children wanted to make houses for the toy dinosaurs, constructed from the wooden blocks, they made houses for the dinosaurs to live in and roofs for them to climb on.

Other children enjoy sitting with their friends to do puzzles. Do you like doing puzzles?

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