News from the Ladybird and Bumblebee Room – June 2024

Playing In The Garden Together

The children from the Ladybird Room and the Bumblebee Room have been spending a lot of time playing outside together recently.

Being able to interact and socialise with friends from the other rooms is such a lovely thing to be able to do.

It helps the children develop bonds and create new friendships outside of their own rooms.

Painting In The Garden

All the children have been exploring and experimenting with different ways to use paint.

Some children painted on paper with a variety of mark making tools creating patterns and pictures, while others decided to experiment with paint, water, and some sand!

Adding paint to water, coloured the water and when that water was added to the sand table, it dyed the sand the same colour! And then the rooms dinosaurs and diggers were introduced.

They stamped, scooped, and moved all squishy wet, coloured sand around the tray, making hills, little lakes, and islands.

Ice and Water Play

Water is such a versatile activity for the children. There’s so much creativity and imagination for the children when playing with water. It can be used as paint to paint our fences and walls, or it can used as a dinosaur bath.

But when the water is frozen it opens yet more opportunities for play. It’s cold and slippery, the children can dig out toys frozen in the ice, attempt to break it with various things and just enjoy its cooling effect on these hot days.

We Keep Growing!

How tall has everyone gotten?

Regularly checking our height is an exciting activity each room does.

We love seeing how much we’ve grown.

The children especially like measuring the heights of the toys in the room to!

Sand Play

Sand is another great thing that can offer the children huge amount of creativity.

Both wet and dry sand can be moulded, shaped and played with in different ways.

Wet sand is sticky and is great for filling up saucepans, while dry sand is a fantastic tool for doodling and drawing patterns in.

Who’s Hungry?

Mud Pie anyone? Or how about some Stick Stew?

Our outdoor kitchen sees a huge selection of local delicacies, all home grown, and hand-picked from our own garden.

Whatever you fancy, the children can cook up a storm and will have lovingly created a superb dish for you to sample!

Popular ingredients include mud, sand, sticks, flowers, and leaves.

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