News from the Ladybird Room – June 2024

by | Jun 17, 2024 | Ladybird Room, News From the Rooms

Making Splodge Cakes

We’ve been making some splodge cakes!

They are made from rice crispies and to make them sticky and splodgy, we added some honey and then some tasty banana!

The cakes were really delicious!

And great fun to make to! The mixture kept sticking to our fingers and the bananas were fun to squish into the mixture.

Playing Hairdressers

Role-playing exercises are brilliant for children to develop and expand their social interaction skills as they encounter and mimic real-life situations. Creating real-life role-playing situations like a hairdressers’ environment can also be great to encourage children’s creative side, whilst also enhancing their imagination too!

We practiced putting hair up in ponytails and brushing it. They also used the hairdryer to mimic drying the dolls hair.

Messy Play

Messy play such as painting is such a wonderful activity for the children to get super creative with a variety of ways to make marks, either with paint brushes or using their hands to create images.

The children also had some leaves from the garden to use with their paintings. The children painted the leaves or used them to print patterns with.

In The Garden

We are so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing garden, and our children love to spend time outside doing a wide range of activities.

The Ladybirds sat and enjoyed circle time in the sunshine, singing some songs and telling some stories.

After cicrle time was finished, the children showed us some expert balancing skills and put on little shows for the rest of the class.

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