News from the Fox and Hedgehogs Rooms – June 2024

Bill the Music Man

Bill the Music Man came to see us on Friday the 21st of June to sing songs and play instruments.

We plucked the strings on guitars, banged on drums, tapped, and shook tambourines and enjoyed singing along to some of our favourite songs together.

Building and Digging Sand

Playing with sand always gives the children the opportunity to be super creative. They can build great big castles and walls to create sand forts, they can dig holes for trenches, water ways, underground houses or bury some treasure for friends to dig up later.

While making all sorts of sand creations the children get to be really social, discussing ideas on what to build, where to move to sand to, what could this hole or hill be used for?

Sensory Soil

Soil is a great tool for sensory play, it can be dry and crumbly or wet and gloopy.

We had some different sized containers and pots to fill up ready to plant some more seeds!

What do you think we are growing next?

What do you grow at home?

Spending Time in The Garden

Having such an amazing outside space means we get to play in the garden every day!

The children love to explore every inch of the garden, climbing trees, hunting down bugs and mini monsters, building dens and pretend campfires.

Using Our Fine Motor Skills

Developing fine motor skills helps children to do things like eating and writing, and this threading activity is a great way to help develop them.

Weaving a shoelace through little holes to create shapes and patterns, or even joining two different shapes together.

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