News from the Fox and Hedgehogs Rooms – July 2024


The strawberries in the garden were ready to be picked! So, the children grabbed a bowl and picked all the ones that looked juicy and delicious.

The children then gave them a good wash and ate them up! They were really tasty!

It was so great that the children could snack on some lovely fruit that they had grown themselves.

While picking the strawberries, the children tended to and water some of the other plants we have growing in the garden.

Spending Time with Our Friends

The children from both the Fox Room and the Hedgehog Room love spending time with their friends. Playing games together, doing fun activities with each other and enjoying learning as a group. The children benefit so much from interacting with their friends, developing their social skills, and further enhancing friendships.

Our Garden

We are so incredibly lucky to have a garden like this here at Knowle West Nursery School. The children absolutely love spending time outside.

Whether it’s cooking in the mud kitchen, playing games with our friends, or just sat enjoying some reading underneath the willow tree.

There’s always something exciting happening outside, and we love watching the children have so much fun out in the garden.

Watering Our Plants

Having picked some of our strawberries, it’s time to get some new plants on the go!

We filled up some seed trays with soil and carefully pushed some seeds into the soil. After all the seeds had been planted, it was time to water them.

Let’s hope these new plants give us lots of tasty treats!

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