News from the Ladybird Room – March 2024

by | Apr 11, 2024 | Ladybird Room, News From the Rooms

Splashing in Our Wonderful River

The children in Red Room have so much playing in our bubble river out in the garden!

They enjoy jumping and splashing and seeing what happens when we stamp on the bubbles and watch some of the bubbles float away.

We even brought some of our toys outside to enjoy playing in the river.

Playing with Different Textures

Exploring different textures is an amazing sensory experience for our Red Room children, being able to squish, squash, squeeze and play with a variety of different “potions”, gloop and eggs

Cracking the eggshells made a great noise while the oozy bit in the middle felt funny on our fingers!

Mixing potions is also lots of fun! Deciding what to add to our potions to make it gloopier or change its colour.

Making Samosas!

We really enjoyed making our samosas! What do we put in them?

We thought we’d put some delicious vegetables in ours.

Mixing all the ingredients for the pastry and then rolling it out was great for our fine motor skills.

What do you like in your samosas?

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