News from the Bumblebee Room – April 2024

by | Apr 19, 2024 | Bumblebee Room, News From the Rooms

The Three Little Pigs

Our Bumblebees have had so much fun playing The Three Little Pigs out in the sunshine. The children ran and hid in all the best hiding spots to avoid being caught by the Big Bad Wolf!

They climbed up into the playhouses, hid behind trees and bushes and made escapes by sliding down the slide.

The Big Bad Wolf could not catch us, but when he got close the children would giggle, laugh, and run away!

Hearing the garden filled with laughter on a sunny day is a wonderful end to the week.

Exploring the Mud Kitchen

The Mud Kitchen is one of the Bumblebees’ favourite things to play with.

It not only gives them the chance to get nice and muddy but also helps cultivate creativity and imagination, develop fine and gross motor skills, enhance roleplay, exploration, and social skills, and exposes children to different textures and sensory experiences.

Our favourite thing to make is Mud Pies and Mud Tea! Would you like any?

Mark Making in the Garden

The wonderful sunny weather has given us lots of opportunties to spend time in the garden mark making. We’ve been doodling and drawing with chalks on the paths, and using bubble water to paint the fences.

Mark making is a great way for our Bumblebees to express themselves and practice the skills needed for writing and further creativity.

Painting the fence with bubbles is lots of fun as the children can watch the bubbles drip down and watch the colours change as the water begins to dry.

Making Snail Houses

We went on a garden snail hunt today! We found snails living in all sorts of places. In the bushes, on the trees, under the rocks and even in our playhouse!

With so many snails, we wondered if we could build them a nice home. We decided to gather grass and plants to give them somewhere soft and cosy to sleep.

It was a lot of fun watching to snails come out the shells and explore the home we made for them. We discussed the diferent sizes of the snails and wondered why some parts of the snail feel hard and the other part feels slimy and slippery.

Sensory Play

Sensory play is an important part to a child’s development, it promotes exploration, creativity, curiosity, and social interaction.

For this session of sensory play we used ribbons! The ribbons made lots of interesting noises when we stood on them and watching all the different colours when they reflected the sunlight was very pretty!

We have also been using a variety of toys in the sand pit too. Using diggers to scoop up the sand, filling pots and teapots to. Pouring sand out from different objects from various heights and watching it fall was great fun.

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