News from the Fox Room – May 2024

by | May 6, 2024 | Fox Room, News From the Rooms

Exploring Outside

The children in Fox room have been enjoying exploring the garden recently. The sand pit is always a great place to play and chat with friends, get creative with building sand models, and play with the diggers and dumper trucks to!

The diggers can scoop up lots of sand and then poured into the back of dump truck, the dump truck then takes it off somewhere to tip it out and make a big pile of sand!

We also collect sticks and stones to help with our sand buildings. Using sticks as decorations or to help keep them up and stones can be used as windows or doors on the sand houses.

Planting Climbing Beans

The children enjoyed exploring the texture of the soil, before planting the seeds. It was dry and soft but when we added water it became sticky and lumpy.

They bean seeds have been watered and then left to start growing in the dark. Once the seeds have sprouted, we will bring them out from the dark and into the light to sit on the window sill.

Whilst our beans start growing, we will be learning about the process of how it grows. It takes seven to fourteen days for the seed to germinate.

Once germinated, the seed will produce a root and shoot; from there on, a stem and leaves will form. After creating its first set of leaves, the second set will grow.

Once the bean plant has produced an ideal number of leaves the bean will begin to flower. After the flowers of the bean have been pollinated, the pods will set, and you will start to see the beans grow.

Hopefully, we will have lots of magic beanstalks soon!

Below is a time-lapse video of how Green Beans grow, we hope our beans grow big and strong just like these ones!

Do you grow any vegetables at home?

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