More News from the Ladybird Room – May 2024

by | May 30, 2024 | Ladybird Room, News From the Rooms

Growing our Own Plants

A couple of weeks ago we planted some seeds and the have just started to sprout!

We’ve grown them in plastic containers and some old cardboard tubes, the tubes were a great choice for the plants as the tubes kept the soil nice and damp, perfect for our little sprouts.

Hopefully all the sunshine will help them grow big and strong.

We’ve been watching them every day to check the progress and making sure they get a watered regularly.

Water Play in the Garden

Water plus mud equals muddy, gloopy water.

We mixed them together in our mud kitchen using different spoons, we then separated some of water in other pots and pans.

The other pans were then mixed with either more mud or more water. Giving us lots of muddy water but in a variety of consistencies. Some was really watery while other pots were really squashy!

Dinosaurs and Shaving Foam

Do you think dinosaurs would have liked shaving foam?

We think so!

We filled up two of our sand trays with shaving foam and introduced our dinosaur toys to the lovely squishy texture of the foam. The dinosaurs were soon covered from head to toe in shaving foam!

They went from looking like regular dinosaurs with a rough feel to them, too soft and slippery from all the shaving foam.

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